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At Green Dot we make charging at home simple, reliable and super cool. Our residential charger product line up maximizes power to your electric vehicle - giving you peace of mind and complete flexibility.

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H1100 Residential Charger


Green Dot introduces an industry-leading EV charging system that meets the daily demands of Canadians – At 7.68kW, the H1100 is an incredible value ideal for homes, condominiums and multi-unit residential settings.

Accessible & User-Friendly – Plug and Play Design. Optional Cable Management System to reduce trips and make charging your vehicle more accessible and safe. Optional Energy Monitoring System.

Green Dot Guarantees


Manage your charging settings online where you can remotely configure the station’s settings, automatically charging.

Sturdy Construction

100% aluminum casing and up to 25 foot industrial grade cable that always stays flexible. Certified to withstand frequent use and charge your EV.


The most powerful charging stations available and the best warrantees to protect your investment

Real-Time Support

With automatic software updates, the station’s network connection allows us to remotely monitor your unit’s status to ensure quality experience and accessibility.

Refined Design

Modern, high quality design, it meets the strict requirements of the most discerning buyer.


Protects your vehicle and your home against fluctuations in the power grid with built-in security features that ensure you full peace of mind.


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