Industry-Leading Smart EV Charging Technology

Green Dot Group (GDG) is a Canadian clean technology company that focuses on the sale and deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Canada and the USA. GDG leverages the very best technology that integrates innovative charging platforms, cloud-based operating systems, payment protocols and infrastructure. Through strategic partnerships and revolutionary programs Green Dot Group is a leader in this fast growing and disruptive industry.

Green Dot is Canada’s leader in electric vehicle charging technology. Sourcing the most innovative and high quality smart charging products, we offer charging solutions for home, business, workplace, fleet, or public applications. Founded by electric vehicle industry pioneer, Christopher Misch, Green Dot is accelerating the electric vehicle movement in Canada.

Founder Message

At Green Dot our vision is to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by offering the most innovative charging solutions - putting people and our planet first.

Christopher Misch

Founder, Green Dot Group

Innovative EV Charging

Green Dot introduces industry-leading EV charging for home, work, and on the road.

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